How to Lose Money and Influence No One

No one who attended a Nets game last season will be surprised to learn that the team just reported a deficit of over $44 million. Nor will anyone be surprised that another pre-season ranking has the Nets coming in no better than 10th in a patently underwhelming Eastern Conference. What may surprise some, however, is that our two hosts chose to spend over an hour talking about these things (and this only after they consciously decided to speed things along). As always, thank you for your patience.

Moz Money, Moz Gov

Have you heard?! The Nets might be getting new hoodies! Oh, and they also signed Boston castoff Tyler Zeller. Plus, long-time listener, first-time caller (not really, he’s called before) Lipsanity bets the hosts an entire six-pack of High Life that the Nets will win more than 28.5 games this year…it’s ON!