Maybe Nets Summer

You know how we promised to keep them shorter, well this one is the longest yet! Join us as we explore a team of no consequence with questions (and opinions) of even less consequence.

Our First Comment, Our First Friend-of-the-Podcast

By genewang0123 (林書豪) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
We received our first comment on Facebook (btw, you should follow us) from a big Jeremy Lin fan. He thinks we’re not showing Lin the level of respect he deserves, and he very well may be right. Anyway, I’ve copied his comment below, followed by my response. Now it’s up to you to decide: is Lin the face of the franchise?  Continue reading “Our First Comment, Our First Friend-of-the-Podcast”

Somehow Longer Than the First (Sorry!)

Don’t care about Otto Porter? Neither do we. Think Demarre Carroll was a boring pick up? Us too. Think Nerlens Noel would be the greatest Net OF ALL TIME? So do we! Since we have so much in common, we should listen to an outrageously long Nets-based podcast together. Enjoy 🙂