Dazed and Contused

What do hand sloths (not an actual thing) and mocha oreo shakes have in common? They’re both things Simon and Bill hope become a part of D’Angelo Russell’s convalescence. All that and more on the 20th episode of our exclusively Nets-based podcast.

Oh No D’Angelo!

With D’Angelo Russell’s health up in the air, our hosts focus on the truly important things: what Simon would put in his “Nothin’ But Nets” milkshake and what boardgames Bill would play with Prokhorov and Atkinson. Join these two as they explore the dark underbelly of players’ reading lists and what songs they’re considering including in the next cast.

I Ain’t No Fortunate Sun(s)

Apologies are issued, questions are raised, Nets Killers are expounded on at length and, on top of all that, were you aware that Simon has been tapped to select the caterer for the hottest NBA wedding of the fall season? Settle in for the cast of the week.