In Jah We Trust

Jay-Z recently got a birthday cake that was a confectionary biography: 48 years of a life well-lived captured in one single cake. This, obviously, begs the question: what would Simon’s biographical bday cake include? But it’s not all dessert this week, as the two hosts delve into the recent trade that sent beloved big man Trevor Booker to Philadelphia in exchange for two of the NBA’s hottest prospects – Jahlil Okafor and Nik “Sauce Castillo” Stauskas – and a 2nd round pick. Also, a BONUS 5 minute chat with friend of the cast Lipsanity.  

One Reply to “In Jah We Trust”

  1. Maybe Nets Time 25th episode cake: what’s in it and what kind of cake? Please include a hand sloth.

    Enjoyed the 15 second 900 Number break at 21:45 but it completely obscured something very important that you were saying.

    Thanks for having me on the pod, I’m sure you’ve learned the hard way that you should never have me on again. Disappointed you edited out my six minute monologue on the talents of Shane Larkin



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